Why should you choose a third party hemp CBD testing lab for your products?

With many self-validated products available in many places, it becomes essential to take your customer service a notch higher. Invest in comprehensive third part hemp CBD testing lab facilities to give you an unbiased result.

Green Scientific Labs has continually strive to provide hemp lab testing facilities for all its customers with transparent results and unbiased reports. Our facility is Florida’s largest testing center for cannabis products that ensures that all products that reach the customers are absolutely safe to consume.

With a team of highly-skilled and experienced scientists, we take every precaution and care to provide you unmatched customer service. We are uniquely positioned to deliver top-class results that stay at the forefront of a constantly evolving technological landscape. Some of our popular testing modalities include moisture analysis, mycotoxin analysis, pesticide analysis, residual solvent analysis, heavy metal testing, terpenoid profile, cannabidiol lab testing and much more. Every hemp and cannabis product undergoes an extensive testing process that helps us to segregate batches based on their composition and the extent to which they can be used.

We are a fully-qualified OSHA facility and comprise of fully-automated in-house LIMS system with specimen tracking. We are proud to partner with many leading brands such as Honeywell, MERCK, Amazon web services, Labconco, PRO Scientific among-st others. For more information regarding hemp lab testing facility, get in touch with us on www.greenscientificlabs.com today!

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